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Wee Monsters


Children are curious at all ages and this creates a natural opportunity to begin the discussion about sexuality at an early age, but most parents do not because it can be awkward and scary to think about your children learning about sex. By learning early on about sex education, parents can help a child create a healthy and confident attitude towards his/her body.

The main obstacle for Wee Monsters is that it is sex education, which is still a taboo topic for many people and cultures, especially when it is being taught at a young age. According to Dr. Laura Berman, a sex therapist, the main goal of any sex talk is to communicate that sex is a very normal and natural thing. “You want to start these conversations early with your kids—before they find themselves in the circumstances where they’re having to make those healthy sexual decisions.” The topic of sex can be normalized to the point that a trusting and open relationship with your children can be formed in the long run.

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