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downThere is a mobile first application that helps young girls to understand the changes happening to their bodies by providing them with journeys to explore with a relatable character, Amie. downThere aims to empower and educate girls to prepare them to make the right decision when a situation arises. By developing a healthy and confident attitude towards their bodies, this could greatly impact their futures.


People are curious at all ages and this creates a natural opportunity to start discussions, especially on sexuality at an early age, but because the topic of sexuality is taboo, the proper education doesn’t get taught or the information is delayed. As a result, the percentage of teen pregnancy is high due to the fact that these girls don’t have the knowledge to help them make the right decision. 3 in 10 girls in the U.S. become pregnant before their 20th birthday according to The National Campaign. According to Dr. Laura Berman, a sex therapist, the main goal of any sex talk is to communicate that sex is a very normal and natural thing. “You want to start these conversations early with your kids — before they find themselves in the circumstances where they’re having to make those healthy sexual decisions.”


Knowledge > Empowerment > Conversation

By providing the right information in a fun and explorative way, this can normalize the topic of sexuality to the point that young girls can have open conversations about their thoughts and issues and feel empowered.


We go through life experience many journeys and situations. These journeys allow us to explore and make decisions to find the solution, one way or another.


How do we remember the information we’ve received? The information is repeated but in short and concise quizzes to iterate the information we want the girls to learn.

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